How to SharePlay Together

When we're unable to get together in person, video calling can offer a way to see our loved ones' faces and hear their voices. And, when we can read, draw, laugh and play together during a digital interaction, we make a good thing even better—especially for our grandkids!

Because staying in touch is more important than ever, Apple has introduced a new way for people to watch videos, listen to audio and enjoy experiences during video calls. With iOS 15, Apple users with updated operating systems can use SharePlay to share their screens right inside FaceTime. This is a rich, new interactive experience—and an opportunity for the Together community to enjoy the app with their loved ones.

Here's how it works:

Open FaceTime and call your contact. Once you're connected, minimize your FaceTime call and open your Together app. A pop-up will appear inviting you to start a SharePlay session!

If your contact already has Together installed, they'll see a prompt to join Together.

If they don't have Together installed, they'll see a prompt to download Together from the App Store.

Once they have the app installed, you can read stories, play games and enjoy activities together.

Both contacts need iOS 15 or higher to use SharePlay. When you use Together via FaceTime, you can enjoy 3 video calls without a subscription. After your trial period, one contact needs to subscribe to keep exploring everything the app has to offer!

We believe that the right kind of video calls can help grandparents and grandchildren make memories, have fun and truly get to know each other. With technology like SharePlay, distance doesn't have to be a hindrance. We can connect with each other and share meaningful experiences. Grandparents can be part of grandkids' lives, grandkids can enjoy their time connecting with family—and parents can watch relationships blossom.


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