Gummy Blocks - Game Instructions

In this collaborative game you will work Together to clear as many rows and columns as possible. Each player takes a turn to place a piece in the board and the objective is to fill as many rows or columns as possible until you run out of space. This is a great game to develop spatial and fine motor skills.

1) The game starts with an empty board. Each player gets a turn to drag a piece to the board. The first player starts by placing a piece from the bottom bar into the board:

2) Now is the turn of the second player to drag and drop a piece into the board:

3) When a row or a column gets filled up with blocks it gets cleared and both of you score points:

The objective of the game is to clear as many rows or columns as possible. The game ends when you don't have anymore space to place pieces in the board.

  • This is a collaborative game. Both players earn points as they place blocks in the board.
  • Try to organize the pieces as you place them to maximize the space available in the board.
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