Guess the Person - Game Instructions 

Try your luck with figuring out who is the best guesser! In this game you will have to guess the other players chosen character by asking as many questions as you can. 

1) To Start: Set up your game

  • Choose from any of the categories to guess from 
  • Choose from one of the characters on the screen as the character that the other player will guess
  • Wait for the other player to choose their character

2) Guessing: Choosing characters to eliminate

  • Guess the other players character by asking yes or no questions
  • Depending on the players answer press on the screen the players that do or do not have things that you asked

3) Question: If the other player finds a matching item first

  • Whoever guesses other players character first wins the game
  • You can then choose to play again with one of the other categories

Good luck and have fun!

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