Frog Math- Game Instructions 

How good are your math skills? In this game you have to solve a math equation with another player in order to move the frog safely across all the logs!

1) To Start: Set up your game

  • Start by choosing from any of the types of math problems 

2) Solving: Solve with the other player for the number given 

  • Once you know the number drag it into your corresponding box 
  • Wait for the other player to put in their number to solve the problem
  • If your answer is correct the frog will jump forward a log

3) Wrong Answer: If your answer is wrong

  • If you and the other player put in the wrong answer the logs will move further down the river and become smaller 

4) Finishing: If you and the other player answer all the questions the frog will reach the top and safely accross all the logs!






Good luck and have fun!

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