Draw & Guess - Game Instructions

In this game you will take turns guessing what the other person is drawing from a topic of your choosing. The first player to run out of time loses!

1) To Start: Set up your game

  • Make sure both players are ready to play
  • Choose the difficulty level of the game 
  • Pick a topic from one of the categories to draw 

2) Next: Start drawing the word displayed above 

  • You can choose a colour from any of the crayons below 
  • Once the other player guesses your drawing click the ok button in the top right corner 
  • Make sure to finish drawing before the timer gets to 0 seconds! 

3) Guessing: Once you switch players start guessing what the other player is drawing 

  • The faster you guess the more points you both will get 

 4) Switching: Once you guess the other players picture a word will appear for you to start drawing again 

Good luck and have fun!

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