Battleship - Game Instructions

This is a strategy and guessing game. Players alternate turns to guess the location of the other player's ships. The objective of the game is to find and sink the opposing player's fleet.

1) First each player secretly arranges their ships:

TIP: You can also use the SHUFFLE button to randomly place your ships:

2) When you are ready arranging your ships press the START button and wait for the other player to be ready (they also need to press the START button once they've arragend their fleet)

3) Now you take turns to try to find and sink all the ships of the other player by touching on one of the squares in the top part of the screen:

If the square becomes green, that is a miss. If it becomes red then it is a hit:

4) Once you have sinked an entire ship it will be revealed in the game:

The first player that finds all the ships from the other player wins!

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