2 of the Same - Game Instructions 

How good are your eyes? In this game you will compete with another player to see who can find the matching items on the screen first! 

1) To Start: Set up your game

  • Choose from any of the categories to search from 
  • When you are ready press on the category to begin 
  • Follow the tutorial by clicking on the highlighted itemsafter you follow the tutorial the game will begin 

2) Searching: Try and find the matching items before the other player does!

  • Look as close as you can to see each item that is the same on the screen 
  • Once you find the matching items you will get a point and the game will move on to the next round 

3) Missing: If the other player finds a matching item first

  • If the other player finds the matching items before you, you will lose and a large X will appear on screen indicating that you will have to move to the next round 

Good luck and have fun!

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